About Us

Nalu Canoes was fonded in 2007 by Marton Buday. 

He was born into a paddling Family, so it was natural for him to follow that path. He was very passionate about Watersports and his focus was on paddling and racing. He earned noumerous national, european and world titles in sprint canoeing and Dragonboat. Besides paddling surfing was a great influence and when  he was introduced to Outriggercanoeing, it seemed to him he found the Fusion of both worlds. Enjoying traveling and racing around the Globe, and after some trips to Hawaii, where he participated in both major Molokai Races, the  Molokai Solo  and the Molokai Hoe, he was catched by the culture of Outriggercanoeing.

As a technicaly minded Person, designing and building an own canoe was the next step. As a technical product designer in Composite Engineering, working on  projects in the field of Aerospace and Motorsports, he has the Know-How to do it right and compose the best possible construction with high tech materials and state of the art processes.