OC2 Synergy

The Synergy was born, driven by the idea of sharing paddling moments with friends and Family.

It is based on the experience we made with the OC1 Sonic and has the same characteristics. It is a high performance Racing-Canoe, but still comfortable for recreational use. We designed the cockpits very close to each other for  a responsive OC1 feeling in surf.

The racy Ama has noumerous trimming options to find the right trim for every crew and any condition. 

This canoe is extremly fun.

Synergy Features

  • Beam Over All           43 cm
  • Lengths Over All      760 cm 
  • Hull Weight           12-16 kg
  • Anodized Aluminium Iakos
  • Carbon Foot Pedals
  • Steering in the Front and Back
  • Custom Foam Seats
  • Front and Rear Bungee Storage
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Different Rudder Options

Layup Options

  • Pro Tech     12 kg
  • Race Tech   16 kg


Simle Custom Design

  • Solid colors, two color fades. Limitations: no black or fades on the Hull, no clear coat, three color maximum

Complex Custom Design

  • additional cost, depending on the complexity of the Design